The Team

Don Nichols
I still have a day job,,  but spend much of my day thinking about my shop. Started planning for it in 2009 and hope to have it completed by 2011. When I turn 70 in a few years, the thought is to spend more time at my shop and less time at my day job. 

John Ince
John Ince is perhaps the finest masonry contractor in Burnett County WI. He has over 25 years experience and has worked on several large projects. He prides himself on "flat" and "plumb". If you were to ask the average person on the street who they would recommend, his name will be at the top of the list. 715-296-1336. 

John Anlauf
John Anlauf has been a great help.  He is owner of Advertising Incentives, He worked tirelessly on the siding, roof, framing and all around helper.

Jim Ince
Jim is part of the John Ince team. Great guy and hard worker.

Karl Johnson--Johnson Lumber Company  Karl Johnson, the owner, patiently help me select materials and made many helpful suggestions. Played baseball for the University of Minnesota. Has sons who have played college ball. 

 Dan Campion of Johnson Lumber also helped with drafting the final plans. 

Richard Jensen
My friend, Dick Jensen, has been my advisor through out. He has a great wood shop in St. Peter Minnesota. 

Jacques Ince
Just graduated from college and is working for the outdoor channel. Part of the John Ince team. Great kid and a great worker.

Chris Stewart
Chris did the siding. Hard working young man. Loves his daughter and talks about her several times a day.

Mike Lakken
Mike milled my logs and also sold me a considerable amount of rough cut lumber at a very reasonable price.  Mike can be reached at 715-205-1526.

Curt Meyer and the boss in the Meyer family
The Meyer team put on the garage doors and openers. Curt works at Johnson Lumber. 

Doug Fontaine
Doug did the taping. Great Guy. 715-566-1717

Brenin Stevens
Brenin worked very hard and put insulation. It must have been 140 degrees in the attic. Brenin works at Johnson lumber for his day job.  715-220-3225